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Hello, please give a big welcome to Penelope Praise

She and her friends are going to be here having fun and Loving God!!!

So bookmark this page. We will do our best to post our videos here as soon as they are up and working as this will be the safest place for children to watch them.  OK have fun!!!


Penelope Visits Lake Tahoe




Penelope Praise

Penelope On the Road


Penelope Goes To Lunch


Debra & Jippity-Joe

Debra & Jippity-Joe 1 (Debra Meets Jippity-Joe)


Debra & Jippity-Joe 2 (Debra & Jippity-Joe meet up at the river)

Jippity- Joe and Breezy Begonia ( Breezy loses something really important, Jippity encourages her)